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View from the Barstool | Check Please

Randy Cresswell

So, in an effort to do my normal deal where I protect the innocent, I will not name the restaurant in question. Though throughout this article, you WILL figure it out. Now...lunch time article, let's do it.

So I decided to meet up with a good friend of mine who was dining to go get some salad and bread sticks...and an entree at this fair establishment. I figured why not, something new, should be useful for my commentary...oh, how useful it is. So we get there and decided, why the Hell not, a bar stool. Things start off rather well except for this bartender...his name is not relevant, but for the purposes of this article and not writing bartender over and over, let's call him Bob. Bob, who is probably a great guy outside of work seemed a bit out of depth in his work. Especially the random up to 5-7 minutes of disappearances he did during the one hour we were there.

Once we finally receive our food, the food my friend got was...well...not all that up to par. Which, you know, happens. Her experience of the food is not the purpose of this article, but the manner in which things were handled because of it. I have a lot of pet peeves and one is not being prepared to handle your customer. This was lunch, not 11am lunch, 1:15 lunch, I am sure he was awake, just didn't really care to be there or really care about what he was doing. After she let Bob know about the food, he was nice enough about it, but then blatantly bashed the food itself stating he sends it back all the time and that he wishes he could just tell me what to order and not order.

Ok, Ok, Ok...I understand letting out steam. But that steam is directed to your co-workers and closest friends. Not to two total strangers and loud enough for other patrons to look on. It sets a bad example for yourself. When it was check time, that was his longest "Break"...10 minutes in which a manager actually started doing a spot check around because he saw no servers and bartender in sight...not exactly what a boss wants to see. Finally he returned and cashed us out in short order. Also, even though they were waiting for a seat in the main dinning room, I am never a fan of any bartender allowing a child, young child at that, to sit right at the bar top. It just does not visually look right to me at all and I sure a legality might be involved in not allowing either, but I am no lawyer.

In short, I know my evening of bar stops isn't done for the day, but I figured I get this one out now and maybe one later. You never know. It's always an interesting view from the bar stool. Follow me on twitter, @ransting. It's fun.