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A very special and valuable Little Mermaid VHS tape

There is a surprise hiding in the castle spires.

Everybody makes mistakes. Sometimes Disney makes mistakes. And sometimes the mistake makes an item more valuable because the item is limited in number. When the artist created the cover art for The Little Mermaid VHS tape, he made an error. One of the castle spires in the background show a rather uncanny resemblance to, well, a penis. This Disney oops actually makes this version of the Little Mermaid VHS clam shell more valuable.

The artist who created the cover didn't actually work for Disney. He was a freelancer, also working for McDonald's designing Happy Meal boxes and various greeting card companies. In a rush to complete the Little Mermaid project, he hurried through the detail and by coincidence, one of the castle spires looks like male genitalia. Urban legend says that the artist deliberately drew the cover art in an offensive manner because he was fired. This assumption is false, it was a simple error. (

The cover was immediately re-created, but the banned somewhat x-rated "phallic" cover is still out there in limited number. If you are an eBay seller who buys VHS tapes in lots or at estate sales, it may be worth selling the original Little Mermaid VHS tape on its own. If you find one, list on eBay with the words "Banned cover art" in the title.

Expect to get $15 - $20 for a copy of the Little Mermaid VHS clam shell with the banned cover art in good condition.

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