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A Vegetable Garden on Memorial Day

Just when it seemed as if the lingering effects of winter would spoil the plans of Zone six gardeners everywhere along comes an interval of soft rain and warm sunshine and what happens? Suddenly those reluctant to start seeds break through the sodden soil; the lethargic seedlings put on a growth spurt and before anyone notices it things are almost back to normal in the back yard veggie garden.

Red Nordland Potatoes
R. Mac Gregor

Every growing thing is developing later than is usual of course and some veggies like spinach or broccoli may be lost to extended bouts of hot weather but the course of growing fresh food seldom proceeds without a hitch.

A tour of an ordinary kitchen garden located in northern New Jersey's West Milford Township showed some promising signs of growth on Memorial day weekend.

Nordlund red potatoes are bursting into view with their usual boisterous enthusiasm. They are late but really; no worries as potatoes are not as sensitive to a particular schedule as are many vegetables.

A raised bed containing small patches of garlic, purple topped white turnips, carrots and radishes looks a bit anemic, but much better than it did just a few short days ago. Some of the radishes have in fact already been picked.

The kale is ready as well if just a few leaves are selected from each plant. Yellow turnips, cabbages, broccoli, peas onions and tomatoes are all behind the curve but are beginning to make up for lost time.

Take heart, Zone Six gardeners; garden goodness lies just ahead.

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