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A Valentines Day 20 Minute Slimdown :i-LipoXcell

I-LlipXcell results
I-LlipXcell results

Have you ever wanted to trim down an inch of fat over the weekend or fit into that dress for your Valentine's Day date on short notice? Well I have uncovered the perfect spa or in office treatment for quick disposal of extra fat in those targeted areas like the belly, thighs and butt. Celebrities and models do it all the time before a big event or photo shoot why shouldn't you? i-LipoXcell is FDA approved and is the safest , non surgical, non invasive ,no downtime treatment for stubborn fat removal. It is also affordable at about $200 per session. Most patients will benefit from 3-8 treatments along with workouts. But the before and after shots are the true testament to this miracle treatment. The procedure uses a combination four technologies to help the body release stubborn fat and help with skin tightening.

I spoke with women's health expert , Dr Jame Heskett of The Wellpath, in NYC to discover more about i-LipoXcell

1.Does the treatment leave any scarring or redness? There is absolutely no downtime. no redness no scarring. this is completely non invasive

2. Is there a weight limit for this procedure? There is not a weight limit. The best candidates are people who are active or starting to get active and wanting to reduce fat. However, the treatment is meant to do one area at a time and people who are very large all over can expect to start treating only one area at a time.

3. When a patient has finished their i-LipoXcell body contouring session should they consider changing eating habits to maintain results? The only way to increase the size of the fat cell after it has shrunk with the ilipo is for the person to consume more calories than they burn just like normal. If you eat more calories than you body needs it will be stored as fat. ILipo shrinks you via your body's own natural process so it does not disrupt your natural processes. Otherwise the results are long lasting. its totally up to the client.

Will results last for 1 yr or less or more ? yes. Will the average 135 lb woman see a continuous difference within a week ? Amount of fat has nothing to do with weight. You can have a 135 lb woman with 10% body fat or one with 50% body fat, they will both respond differently. Most people with some fat will experience continual shrinking throughout the procedure course.

4.How does this compare to Tri Pollar treatment or Cool sculpting? Cool sculpting destroys your fat cells and anything surrounding them. It does not harness the natural physiology of your fat cell or your body. I have seen many cases of nerve damage and uneven results with cool sculpting. Additionally, it is not as versatile. Tri polar is better for skin tightening than it is for shrinking, although it does shrink. It uses a different method to shrink the fat cells…heat. It also preserves the fat cell which is important.

If you would like to try this treatment with Dr. Heskett this month check

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