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A Valentine's Day Shift

Why do we have one particular day set aside to celebrate one’s love for another?
Why do florists and candy shops and such make massive amounts of money on Valentine’s Day versus any “regular” day of the year?

This Valentin'es Day promise to be your own Valentine and shower yourself with the love you deserve!
This Valentin'es Day promise to be your own Valentine and shower yourself with the love you deserve!
Who do you love?
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Maybe it is me and my having “un-plugged” holidays in my household…
Meaning yes, I honor them; however, the manner in which I honor them is no longer based on society’s or the media’s revenue based reasons, generally.

For example, let’s go back to Valentine’s Day; the average person has no idea who Saint Valentine was or what he did or how this holiday came to be named after him and like Easter has become a day for people to wear Sunday best, color eggs, and eat chocolate bunnies, Valentine’s Day has become a day about demonstrating your love!

Generally, it is a day for partners of a romantic connection; more so than family and friends though there are cards from family… I sent my sons and daughter in-law cards.
Why did I send them cards when I just said I do not “celebrate” the holiday?
Easy answer.. lol, while in the store I saw a few cute cards that I thought would bring a smile to their faces when they received them.

Very important distinction is that (and I used to be one of these people) I did not send to them to demonstrate, to prove, to somehow encourage them to send something to me… I know they love me and I am pretty sure they know I love them so there is nothing to “prove” by way of a card. Make sense?

I believe three of the most important shifts to make this year are:
1. Love yourself
2. Appreciate yourself
3. Act like you do!!

Many people think that if they can somehow prove love, demonstrate love, or use “love” as bait, they can catch the perfect person who will love them forever; someone who will complete them, as was said in the old Tom Cruise film.

It is time for us to realize that we are already complete and that our partners, husbands, wives, lovers, friends, … are compliments to us and us to them!
We each have value, individually!
My worth is not determined by what you think about me or feel towards me.
I am intrinsically worthy; as are you!

Nothing need be added or taken away – perfection as we are!

We are “Perfectly imperfect” so to speak.
And once we awaken to this Truth, we no longer need to be validated by a bouquet, bracelet, box of chocolates, dozen roses, or fancy dinner!
The gifts are fine to give and receive; however, the intent has shifted.
It is no longer about “proving” or even “demonstrating” my love on this one particular day because it is expected of me. . .it is about being authentically me and if that means giving a dozen roses to you on my birthday, why couldn’t I do that??

So I simply ask you to reconsider who do you love?

First and foremost love YOU!

If that is something you find challenging, know that there are people out here ready, willing, and able to assist you in seeing how magnificent you are!

You are surrounded with lightworkers, shamans, ministers, and life coaches, who can assist. Reach out to one and do yourself a favor!

I believe in you!
And I love you!

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