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A Valentine’s Day pet

Animals are a wonderful addition to the family, but do not make good gifts and this is a good time to adopt a pet.

It is advisable to first have a family discussion as to what type of animal would suit the family. A busy household might find a cat, bird or fish easier to fit into their schedule. Those who have someone home most of the day could consider a dog.

Then a trip to the area shelters like the Wisconsin Humane Society or Milwaukee Domestic Animal Control Commission. There are many animals to see and interact with so the family can get an idea of the animal they want in their family. These shelters have areas where the family can visit with the animals in seclusion.

It is never a good idea to surprise someone with a pet for a Valentine’s Day gift. An animal is a living being with habits and personalities that might conflict with the person receiving the them. Living with an animals is a big responsibility that can last more than a decade.

The cost is another consideration, there is food, supplies and maintenance expenditures, which includes the regular and unexpected veterinary bills that must fit into the owner’s budget. Time is also a major factor, while fish and reptiles require the least amount of time dogs can take up to several hours a day. Training, activities and quality play time must be considered especially in a dog’s life.

Yes, Milwaukeeans can adopt a pet for Valentine’s Day but do not give an animal as a gift.

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