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A Valentine’s Day gift for your pet

Valentine’s Day is to be spent with those you love. It is a way to show your appreciation to those who are close to you. What better way to tell your pets how much they mean to you than do something special that they like to do.

Dogs love to run, smell their environment and eat so why not take them to the dog park or Bay View Bark and let them play. On the way home, a special treat that should not be a regular excursion is a drive-through stop for a plain hamburger. You will see how much fun it will be for you when your dog smells were he or she is.

Cats love high places and moving toys. So, for Valentine’s Day, put up moveable shelving leading to a ledge circumventing your apartment, home or even a room. You can get your cat to climb up by using a flash light as a guide.

Bird treats, hot rocks for reptiles or a new fish tank item are gifts that would be appreciated. Though birds show more emotion than a reptile those who have them find they do show caring for their humans.

Milwaukeeans can enjoy Valentine’s Day with their pets as long as they give them appropriate presents.

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