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A vacation that won't take a bite out of your wallet, only your neck

Don't take a bite out of your wallet, only your neck!
Don't take a bite out of your wallet, only your neck! photo

Looking to get away from it all? Eastern European countries are more than friendly and you probably know the background of the area from those old horror movies. Buckle up and cover your neck cause here we go!

“Let’s go out for a bite” has an entirely different meaning in Sighisoara, Romania because Dracula’s Castle is up for sale.

Tourists can go there but they can’t ‘go’ there. It currently has no toilets or bathrooms.

Nestled in the Romanian countryside, the spectacular Bran Castle has had as its most famous occupant Vlad “The Impaler” Tepes. Vlad was a member of the House of Draculesti, the name which gave rise to the famous vampire Count Dracula, the creation of the 19th-century writer Bram Stoker.

The movie Dracula, was played by Bela Lugosi, a blood loving creature who killed his enemies by night and slept by day. The 15th Century Prince of Transylvania, Vlad the Impaler, was a blood loving creature who killed his enemies by day and slept at night. So there was a big difference.

Not many can pay the asking price of $85 million dollars. If you can, you could create ‘Draculand’!

You may compete with Disneyworld, a money sucking destination where people pay a huge amount to enter, only to be gouged once again when you want to have a decent meal. Or you can plan on a small fee of admission with low cost, homemade meals and suck the life force from tourists later at night while they sleep.

You’ll be instructed to leave the window open for those cool Transylvanian breezes.

The open window will be one of the more passive attractions which you may not realize until later when all your energy is gone.

Then you’ll have a laugh, replenish your body’s iron and put a little make up on those 2 dots on your neck.

Roadside attractions along the way include a stop at a local village where you can take a course in woodworking so as to get those souvenir wooden spikes. To help tourists communicate in an area where locals have unpronounceable names, all the guides are called ‘Igor’. They walk slowly and with a pronounced limp.

‘Draculand’, as crazy as it sounds, just might work.

Disney might have some new competition.

The only theme park I wouldn’t make a pilgrimage to would be in a neighboring state. There, the name says it all. Chernobyl, 9-0-2-uh-oh!!

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