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A Utah and World Bodybuilding Legend has died.

Before there was Arnold Schwarzenegger and the hulk Lou Ferrigno, there was Larry “the legend” Scott. He was the first Mr. Olympia along with an assortment of other Bodybuilding titles. He had some bit parts in some early movies, but decided to not continue the pursuit of the limelight for the pursuit of better things. Larry was a family man and his roots in his Mormon religion helped him to be grounded.

Anyone who had the chance of meeting him in life was motivated by him. His objective was not just to help everyone gain the 20 inch arms that he had possessed, but to find the health of their body along with their mind.

With any personal contact, you would find Scott to be a down to earth guy who was not afraid of speaking the truth about health and fitness and to help you to understand it. Larry ran a nutrition store in Kaysville, Utah but still went around to fitness centers to guide both aspiring bodybuilders and all fitness enthusiasts alike. Larry had an awesome physique which he maintained in life.