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A unique Pet Service in the East Valley of Arizona

Loving every minute of working with amazing people and amazing pets!
Loving every minute of working with amazing people and amazing pets!
Kim MacCrone

Featured Pet Expert of the week! Kim MacCrone, Certified Veterinary Technician, owner of Vetek Chic On Wheels, an In-home pet health service, and Pet CPR and First Aid Instructor

Kim MacCrone is the founder of Az Pet Professionals and the business owner of Vetek Chic on wheels (Vet Tech on wheels). She is also a certified Pet CPR and First Aid Instructor through Pet Tech Inc., the first International pet CPR and First Aid Training Center in the world.

Kim founded Az Pet Professionals in 2008 because she wanted to collaborate with other pet professionals on a business and social level. Her belief was to never refer her own clients to someone she did not know or trust. She wanted only people she knew and trusted to care for her own clients other pet needs. With that, Az Pet Professionals has grown to be on of Arizona's most popular and well-known Pet Network Groups.

Kim is also known for her two personal opinions:

"If you work with other people's pets you need to know what to do in case of an accident or an emergency while in your care!" "If you don't, you shouldn't be working with them."

As well as, "People have In-Home Nurses, why not our pets?"

Current members in the network group who do work directly with other people's animals are all certified in completion of her course in Pet CPR and First Aid, with the exception of a couple members who already have extensive training in this area. It is one of the reasons this network group is so respected.

Kim is also a Certified Veterinary Technician and has been in the veterinary field for over 24 years.

She continues to work as a Supervisor and CVT in the East Valley.

Kim has an In-Home Pet Nursing business that allows her to work with Valley Veterinarians who's clients need assistance in their own homes with quality of life care and on-going medical care. Kim's biggest request for service is tending to clients who have pets with diabetes or the need for subcutaneous fluid administrations on a daily basis.

Kim supports pet owners by doing "hands-on demonstrations" from beginning to end making it easier for the pet parent to continue to give the pet the needed care.

Kim has had the extreme pleasure of speaking to many veterinary assistant students at well known veterinary Colleges in the Valley. One of her all time favorites and one of her most rewarding services is participating in Power Paws Assistance Dogs Summer Camps and speaking to the kids that attend Paradise Valley's Science and Agriculture College. She has said that spending time with these amazing kids at their college and the Power Paws summer camp program, has been more rewarding than she could have ever imagined.

Boarding facilities and Resorts have also sought out Kim's expertise in the pet world by training their staff members to be more aware of spotting an illness or injury with one of the pet vacationers as well as basic pet care.

Kim's passion is working with animals and is apparent in the areas she's chosen to work in. Her passion is about educating pet owner's and pet businesses in basic health care so that they can all be better pet parents and pet businesses!

Kim holds monthly Pet CPR and First Aid Classes in Chandler. To read more about Kim's services please visit

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