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A unique collaboration by Colorado artists and poets to be unveiled

Louisville Center for the Arts
Louisville Center for the Arts
Reprinted by permission of Joseph Hutchinson, Event Coordinator

Eight Colorado artists and eight Colorado poets who knew each other only through their work set out on a unique endeavor of creative collaboration. It has been described as “an aesthetically charged game of “telephone,” with the result being what you’re about to witness: the unveiling of a transformative conversation between visual and linguistic imaginations.” One artist began the process with a seed of visual image, which inspired the verse created by the first poet, which inspired the second visual image, which inspired the second work of verse, and so on. The result is a unique collection of verse and imagery, Image and Word: Art and Poetry in Conversation.

This unique collaborative effort will be unveiled at the Louisville Center for the Arts at 801 Grant Avenue in Louisville Colorado on Saturday, August 16, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. The doors will open at 6:30 and the price of admission is $12.00. Tickets may be purchased in advance at

Meet these talented and creative artists and poets at the after-party, with music by “Many Mountains”, where books and art may also be purchased. Featured Colorado artists are art instructor Chuck Ceraso; artist and art activist Jimmy Sellars; contemporary abstrationist Priscilla Fowler; graphic designer Jennifer Parisi; Louisville artist Linda Armantrout; contemporary artist Gayle Crites; collage artist Janice McDonald and artist and designer Monika Edgar. Featured Colorado poets include writer and editor Susan Allspaw Pomeroy; literature and writing teacher Maria Melendez Kelson; Pushcart Prize nominee Lisa Zimmerman; literary poet and screenwriter Bill Tremblay; award winning poet Aaron Anstett; award winning poet Joseph Hutchison; poet; educator and author Jared Smith and naturalist poet and author Kathleen Cain.