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A union for the unemployed

Unions operate on the notion that by banding together, workers can collectively achieve better working conditions. This strength in numbers concept may actually benefit non-workers. The first union designed to protect the interests of unemployed workers was created last year and membership seems to be steadily growing. The idea is that the millions of unemployed workers can unite and garner more political influence on matters of particular interest to the growing number of unemployed workers, including the creation of jobs, maintaining health insurance and unemployment benefits.

Membership is open to unemployed workers nationwide.  The union operates on a unique cubing concept of grassroots organization. Six members in the same zip code, form what is known as a cube.  As more members join within a zip code, it grows to a neighborhood and eventually into a power block.

You can join the union or obtain additional information at The website also contains resume and job search resources, articles of interest to unemployed workers, member networking and information on taking legislative action.