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A union in college football and marijuana in the NFL being legalized?

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A couple of recent issues in sports.

College football players at Northwestern University have taken the initial steps to form a union. Good for them! The fact is, even though the NCAA (which is an institution created by universities to serve their own interests) is not about student athletes, but making millions for their member organizations.

Also millions for the clothing companies that that sell their jerseys, while using third world sweatshop labor in the process.

The NCAA has a tremendous amount of money to fight this effort, and fight it they will. Players every time they play a down, risk lifetime injury and should be compensated for the revenue they produce for the schools.

They shouldn't be treated like indentured servants, but like many who toil in America, they are treated with contempt.

Oh, the National Football League might be considering medical marijuana for its' players in the states where it is legal. While this is good news, I wouldn't hold my breath on this happening anytime soon.

Federal law still prohibits marijuana, for any purposes. The NFL doesn't want the federal government to examine its' sweet non-profit status as an organization.

Groups such as the Marijuana Policy Project and the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws support reform of our marijuana laws.