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A typical day in Kerala, India

People wake up either to hear their much accustomed gramophone records (CDs these days) and listening to their favorite devotional songs from temples, church bells ringing and morning prayers from mosques.  Folks don't even set their alarms to wake up, but listen to these different prayers, which start as early as 5 A.M., every day.  Some people are so particular that they don't even drink tea or coffee without even taking a bath. 

A bath could be either at a nearby pond, river or your own cozy little bathroom.  Cleanliness plays an important part in every Keralite's life.  Men and women could have a sandalwood paste on their foreheads.  A woman could have a "bindi" or a dot (a round sticker) or paste.  A married Hindu woman would always have a bright red powder on the hair line, in the middle of their heads.  It is very auspicious and customary to have one.

Hindus visit temples to pray, while Muslims visit their nearby mosques and Christians pay a visit to their churches.  Hindus either visit temples, before going to work, school or any other engagements which they might have.  People even pray from outside the temples on their way to work, if they lack time.  Muslims, as everybody knows, pray numerous times during a day.  Christians tend to go to the churches at a later time.  People of all faiths co-exist side by side.

Children get up and do their usual chores or keep up with their routine.  They make sure that their homework is taken care of or finish preparing for their tests.  There is always the camaraderie expected.  They also make sure that their school material is in tact and handy.

The modes of transportation differs for each person.  A typical day for a child could involve either catching a school bus, an auto rickshaw(a motorized three wheeler operated by a human), a bus, a train or even a ferry in some instances.  Socializing is a favorite activity which Malayalees often indulge in.  Even if people don't have a newspaper, they try to read at least the headlines by glancing the ones hanging in the nearby bookstore or from their co-passenger in the bus or at work.  TV and cell phones play key roles, these days.  Fishermen and fish vendors do their business talking on their cellphones, a common sight in Kerala.  It could be in a bus, a moped(rare, these days) or on their bicycles!

People generally carry their cooked lunch from homes.  Youngsters and adults are often used to fast food readily available.  A tea follows around 10:30 A.M. at work or while in transit and one in the evening before getting back home.  The same beverage is served at home, besides snacks or a light meal before dinner.   Then, they either visit a temple, a church or a mosque according to their religious preferences.  Getting together with their friends, having tea, shopping, playing cards, watching movies, texting, making calls, playing cricket or football, fishing, watching T.V. are some of the other activities after work.  Paying a visit to your neighbor or relative is quite common.  Working at home, especially for women is a daily chore.  Take a look at Kerala yourself!


  • Pauline 5 years ago

    Your personal experience will be so valuable as you give advice to travelers to India.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    I'm making a poster about india thanks

  • deja 4 years ago

    Thank you so much I have a paper due 2 days from now and I needed something fast about india once again I just want to say thank you!

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