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A twenty is always worth twenty


A twenty dollar bill retains its value whether it has been folded, crumpled, torn, or discarded. It does not matter whose pocket that bill has been in, where it has been used, or what it was used to purchase. Regardless of all of these things, at the end of the day, a twenty dollar bill is still worth twenty dollars. It is easy to forget in the chaos that is life, but we are the same as that twenty dollar bill.

I want to share Meredith’s story with you…

While in college, Meredith had two serious relationships. Both of these ended badly as each of the guys cheated on her. Because of this, Meredith decided that she did not want to bother with long-term commitments and she focused on her career after graduation.

At the age of 28, she met a charming guy, Rob, who she began to date. He seemed to be all that she was looking for and she decided to rescind her anti-commitment policy. Unfortunately, Rob was not the guy she had hoped he was. When they began dating, she knew he had a “short fuse” but she never dreamed he would hit her. The first time it happened, she was so shocked she didn’t do anything. As the frequency of his abuse increased, Meredith’s self-confidence decreased. It took her a year before she finally got out of this relationship.

After going through this ordeal, coupled with her bad relationships in college, Meredith had a difficult time trusting men. She was single for two years, and then she met Daniel. She told him about her past, and they took things slow. He respected her hesitation. They dated for five months before Daniel broke up with her; he said he couldn’t handle her baggage. Meredith was heartbroken.

Now, it is at this point in the story where one of two things can happen; it is a choose your own adventure, so-to-speak: (1) Meredith allows her past to dictate her future; she gives up on relationships, hardens her heart, and becomes bitter; or (2) She recognizes that the actions of others have no control over her value; she moves forward with her head held high and her heart open because she knows that who she is inside cannot be devalued unless she decides to make it so.

Like that twenty dollar bill, each of us has value. Each of us is worth something. We may have been crumpled up, tossed aside, or taken for granted, but we do retain our value through it all. It may not feel like it most days, especially after we come up against a wall, only to run into another wall after climbing and clawing our way over the first. But it is true, and you cannot argue truth. Well, you can, but you would be wasting your time.

Undoubtedly you have been or will be hurt by someone you care about. It is the great paradox of love. The question is which ending will you choose? Perhaps you have already chosen? Do not forget that you are still the same person you were before you had your heart broken. Crumpled, torn, worn or faded, your value will always remain.



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