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A TV Show That Is Saving On Wardrobe Costs “Dating Naked”

Some people may believe that reality television has already gone to its limits. These people may not have heard of the newest reality show. It is called “Dating Naked.” The show airs on VH1. The show’s premise is to help people find their true love. The catch is that these strangers will meet for the first time and drop their clothes. What will they do during these meetings? Anything one would on any first date. However, they will do it in the nude.

Yes, the contestants will see each other as God made them. However, the audience at home will see blur images of their private areas, including the women’s breasts. The back areas will be seen in all of its glory for the entire audience.

What is the purpose of this show? The purpose is for the contestants to find true love. Why the nudity? Yes, it is a way for the network to pull in ratings. It may also be a way for the contestants to let their guard down in some way. It may be hard to put on airs or pretend to be something you aren’t when you are standing in front of a complete stranger naked. Will any of these contestants find true love during the taping of this show? The answer is anyone’s guess.

What does the regular public think of this show? Today, I learned about this by accident. I didn’t read about it on any blog or anywhere here on the Internet. I was out shopping and a lady told me that someday we may not need clothes if the people on TV had anything to do with it. I looked at the lady and asked why. She told me about this new reality show.

Some other ladies heard us talking and began to join our conversation. Remarks were made such as: “Now the television industry has sunk even lower than I thought they ever would.” “What has the world come to? And my favorite, “How could anyone have the guts to go on a date naked with a complete stranger?.”

Yes, the television industry may save some money with shows like this. They may also pull in some ratings, at least for a while. But I imagine this will be a short lived trend. At least, I hope it is.

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