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A truly classy example...

The timeless charm that is DEBBIE REYNOLDS.
The timeless charm that is DEBBIE REYNOLDS.
IMDB ---- Debbie Reynolds

Observation: Forgiveness can be one of the hardest things for most of us. The greater the hurt, the harder it is. But if the only thing we have is good examples, then it's better than nothing.

Case in point---

Debbie Reynolds. Now, who HASN'T seen "Singing in the Rain"? Hands? I have a DVD of it at home, and I truly believe I'm about to wear it out! Seriously, this woman was so fresh, so sweet, so endearing in her role as Kathy Selden that you can no more wish her any sort of hurt than you would a small pet belonging to your beloved child. So she became the new America's Sweetheart. The fresh-faced Girl Next Door. Our necessary dose of sunshine.

Then she married Eddie Fisher. The first marriage for both, she worked industriously to be the new dimension of her previous persona: Actress, wife, mother, housekeeper---and still charming and beautiful without missing a beat. Even her friendship with Elizabeth Taylor (by now a bit of a jaded veteran of divorce courts) seemed not to diminish the adoration moviegoers had for her.

La Liz's current husband Mike Todd (who, some claim, was really the only one she ever truly loved) died in an air crash. To no one's surprise, Debbie comforted her friend as much as a sister could. To everyone's shock and disgust, however, Liz appeared to have exploited this situation by luring Eddie away from his white-picket-fence lifestyle, simply because he was a new toy for her: A Jewish lounge singer who had enjoyed a few hits with his smooth tenor talent. He fell under her spell, ditched poor Debbie and daughter Carrie, and married Taylor in a ceremony that would have warmed his parents hearts.

Fast-forward a few years, and Liz is on location to film "Cleopatra". One of her co-stars is Richard Burton, and she realizes she's tired of Eddie by now. Here we go again, Sports Fans!

Meanwhile, back home: Debbie and Carrie picked up the pieces. Any other woman would have had a hearty laugh at Eddie by now, having been dumped unceremoniously by such a formidable female (Karma really IS a bitch, isn't she?). But not our darling Debbie. Oh no. She soared over the pettiness that COULD have overtaken her spirits, and decided to stay friends with Taylor. (Could it be that she felt she can't have missed that much, anyway? Certainly hadn't proved any reliability, had he now?) As a result, her response to this imbroglio was so inspiring that even today we marvel at how she could possibly have not succumbed to bitterness and despair. No, she was a real class act then. And she still is.

And we still love you Debbie. All we'll ever do the whole day through is dream of you.......and wonder if we could emulate such strength of character. A toast to you, girlfriend!

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