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A True Friend Lives Near Tragedy

Should you ever doubt in the good will of others, think again. The Lord blesses us with wonderful things, including the ones who stand by us throughout even the hardest of times. We call those people: friends. Just as the Lord will not ever give up on you, remember this, that even within your darkest hour, God has provided you with more support than you may even realize. This poem showcases how a true, God-giving, friend can sometimes be that breath of fresh air that one may need during a tough time.

In a distant meadow,
Water makes no rainbow,
shadowed by ashes,
darkness thrashes.
Here is where the breath of life stands still.
No gentle summer breeze,
or diamond-coated trees.
A tunneling creature burrows in despair,
By the rocks below, a deep, blazing ember sparks, and there,
he awaits his final destination.
Tall and timber,
Stricken sick by the death of winter,
Crumbling seduction,
Given false hope, with only means of destruction.
One sign remains.
A tiny bud blossoms in the moonlight,
its yellow petals giggle with delight.
A sign of life, appearing in this weary land?
Could this be the chance to stop, and take a stand
to breathe the greenery of return to a world so bleak?
To worry not so about the surroundings of the hour,
for there is some truth in the burst of this wildflower.
While the land it must call home feels dead and burned,
Through the years it has learned,
and learned this:
Forever continue to spread your soft hands to the light.
For despite whatever troubles may wonder in the night,
or if the searing pain of hurt continues a chilling plight,
A smile will damage the pattern of darkness
and a laugh will tell the summer to begin.
All as long as hope remains within.

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