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A tribute to Robin Williams

The world was rocked by the sudden loss of one of its favorite actors, Robin Williams. Williams took his life last week, after fighting severe Depression and the early stages of Parkinson's Disease. Numerous friends and supporters have come together in memorializing the way he always made people laugh. Well, the gaming community was right there to offer condolences and love for their favorite genie and poetry loving teacher.

The first petition of remembrance was made from players of the popular MMORPG 'World of Warcraft'. Most gamers know the series despite casual or hardcore level of experience. Williams happened to be quite the avid fan of the game, taking his game play both humorously and seriously. According to, Williams would often joke about his addiction to the game because of the hours he would spend both online and talking to others about game-play. Fans got their wish when a petition was written to have Williams's character appear as a NPC in the game, keeping some of his humor and person alive within the community.

However, the PC gaming community was not the only one bring up such a wish. Nintendo fans began to flock to forums, requesting that Williams somehow be included in the new Legend of Zelda title. Williams's daughter, Zelda, worked with the company on numerous occasions. And yes, she named for one of their favorite characters. The two were even promoting the new title since they had been fans for years. No word yet on if the company will be able to follow through with the request.

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