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A Tribute to Robert Nester Marley (Bob Marley) and why we should Ban Jamaica:


  • stacey 6 years ago

    are u jamaican? Shut the f up! Rude calling our home a ghetto.

  • concerned citizen 6 years ago

    After reading your article, I must say how disappointed I am that such ignorance could come from a writer of the Examiner. I am a full-blooded Jamaican - born and raised. The Jamaica that you're talking about is NOT the Jamaica that I grew up in, and I'd strongly advise that you do some serious research about Jamaica and Rastafarianism before you decide to post up another article slandering my country. Rastafarianism is a religion, not an ethnicity; therefore majority of Jamaicans are Christians
    and not Rastas. I've had to deal with this stereotype for the longest, and it annoys me because you're not going to see mainly Rastas once you get off the plane. On the other hand, we love and respect Bob Marley - so much so we have his body preserved at his birthplace. Did you go there to see that? And yes I do believe that you saw bald-headed Rastas, but to you saw ONLY bald-headed rastas? I find that hard to believe. By the way, I urge you to listen to the song

  • concerned citizen 6 years ago

    "You Don't Haffi Dread To Be Rasta" by the Rastafarian group Morgan Heritage.
    In conclusion, all these comments that you're making about my hometown based off a cancelled concert and ONE visit to Jamaica shows how ignorant you are, and questions your credibility of any future articles you have in the future that may be biased. Before you start talking about information you really know nothing about, I suggest you do your research first before you come off looking like a fool. Oh, and please don't talk about who you THINK runs Jamaica, because you don't seem to know much about that either. I would go into detail but the space limit prevents me from doing so.

  • Richard Shabazz 6 years ago

    Every Rasta Knows that Jamaica uses Bob Marley for tourism but don't respect him or his culture or religion. You are right concerned citizen you like most Jafakans are Christians not followers of the Rast tradition. when Jamaicans really do run the island I would hope you would remove that big Christopher Columbus stamp at the airport and finally put up the Bob Marley statue that your government has fought to keep down. Peace and Blessings

  • Tariek Plummer 5 years ago

    ii. that cool buhh dutty dutty dutty nahh hee cool 1 jahh hearrddd :)

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