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A tribute to Kansas City Jewish mothers

Happy Mother's Day
Happy Mother's Day
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Jewish mothers, like all mothers, deserve the acknowledgment that Mother's Day brings for their unselfish devotion to their families.  Mothers literally bringing the future into the world, nurturing, educating and rearing their children to adulthood, in addition to providing financial support to their families, tending their homes, and giving back to their communities.

Kansas City Jewish mothers are no different...but in addition to all of the above, they are also caring for their Jewish community. Their many contributions help to make this community a vibrant place to live.

Just lately Kansas City Jewish mothers have been seen...tilling and planting in the new Mitzvah Garden at The Temple, Congregation B'nai Jehudah, visiting seniors at Village Shalom, reading Torah in their synagogues, stocking shelves at the Yachad Kosher Food Pantry, assembling food packages for Harvesters, teaching youngsters at the Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy, hosting a Klezmer concert to benefit Hadassah, preparing kosher delicacies for Ohev Sholom's KosherFest, giving tzedakah, writing checks so their children can go to summer camp or Israel, attending life cycle events in support of friends and family members, preparing lessons for their religious school or adult education class, attending classes, study groups and book clubs, participating in a wide variety of committees and boards, and much more.

These mothers model the importance of community for their own children...Dor L'Dor (Generation to generation).

Kudos to the Jewish mothers of Kansas City...and Happy Mother's Day!