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A tribute to C.S. Lewis' The Screwtape Letters - "Letters to Tyrann"

A Tribute to C.S. Lewis " The Screwtape Letters"
A Tribute to C.S. Lewis " The Screwtape Letters"

A tribute to C.S. Lewis' The Screwtape Letters

My Dear Tyrann,

First and foremost, I must commend you as a great falling star among young tempters. You have proven to be quite adept at establishing a nearly unsustainable benchmark of expectations for your first assignment. This new couple, during their courtship, has come to expect a great deal from one another and you have met all of your initial goals with apparent ease. They have offered each other nothing other than the very best and seldom have allowed any of their shortcomings to be realized.

Our forefathers have already convinced mankind that sexual relations should be explored prior to marriage under the pretext that they may not be skilled enough to satisfy and quench each other's lustful physical needs. An increasing number of them now believe that it would be foolish to marry someone without having, shall I say, tested the waters. So with that said, their courtship has been primed with great expectations of things to come.

Our research department will concur that very little will frustrate a man as significantly as something he has come to expect and being deprived from such expectation or desired end. The seeds of these false expectations have been planted during their courtship and will grow into one of our greatest weapons against them: discontent.

She will certainly notice the more and more infrequent gifts and flowers or that he no longer helps her with her gardening, which he often found to be time consuming and unrewarding except for the fact that it pleased her greatly. She begins to sense that her relationship is slightly less than the perfection she had imagined.

He may have missed some of the subtler signs from her but he can't help but notice that she has become less eager to be physically intimate, consequently resulting in his feeling as though he has been deprived of or possibly even deceived about some of the unspoken promise from their courtship.

With regard to this couple's courtship, I commend you, young Tyrann. The couple expects selflessness from one another and they expect this to be the case more often than not. They are completely unprepared for anything other than perfection. The resulting expectations you have manifested in your couple has established a perfect environment for discontent. They have come to expect that all of their needs will be met by someone other than themselves, namely their spouse.

The expectation and transference of this responsibility would otherwise be absurd had it not been masterfully crafted for centuries. Where else on earth can one rightfully justify or expect someone else to be responsible and accountable for his own personal happiness? With one caveat and that exception may be found in politics and we know how shallow, empty and short lived those promises are.

In addition to the obvious (the slow and persistent unraveling of their expectations which is accomplished through both partners) you must keep them from participating in some critical activities. At all costs, keep them from gathering together in any meaningful manner to share and communicate with the enemy. If and most certainly when they do, draw their attention towards the differences in their beliefs and don't allow them to dwell on common ground. They will certainly devour each other and possibly even momentarily despise each other, thus casting aside anything positive from their attempts at communing with the enemy.

If you have done your work correctly, and after a number of failed attempts to commune together with the enemy, your couple will naturally want to avoid this type of conflict and thus any joint attempts at open dialogue concerning religion. Your couple will naturally develop a distaste for this and any future attempts at communion with their creator. If you can continue to lead them towards a painful outcome, you may succeed in your goal. As you are well aware, anything that causes division or even the realization of moderate differences between the couple can evolve into far more powerful tools for the benefit of our cause.

Please send me an update with regards to the expectations from their unmarried friends.

In sincere indifference
Your cousin Diavalo

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