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A Tribute to a Faithful Friend of Rescue, Denise Underdown

Dear Denise:

I remember years ago when we first met,
I had no idea the giant personality you had yet.

Always the funniest stories for me and “Dan the Man”,
How you lost half your tooth on the transport van.

You decided you would Fixodent and forget it,
And if there were necessary words with “sssss’s” you wouldn’t have said it.

Times like this, I laughed all the way home,
And that, my friend, is the inspiration for this poem.

Well….there’s also the dogs:

I mostly marveled at the way you rescued dogs like no other,
Treated them all like you were their mother.

Before the transport you made calls, fed, washed and pampered,
Gave them to their new owners with emotions only momentarily dampered.

Knowing all along you could not possibly keep them all,
And sharing that wisdom with me when I’d, through tears and angst, call.

I will continue to honor you by fighting the good fight,
And by getting them all adopted….even if they bite!



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