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A trendy twist on a classic must-have


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With back-to-school right around the corner, it's nearly time for fall to rear it's gorgeous head. There are many stylish choices to be made this upcoming season, among them whether or not you are going to rock the hottest new take on a favorite classic. 

The  black skinny pant has been en vogue since Audrey Hepburn made it so. Today, Victoria Beckham invokes the spirit of classic ease with a ready-to-rock twist in the trend of fall 2010. 

They are popping up in boutiques and deparment stores nation wide, and come September, you'll be wanting a pair for your own, so start shopping now to ensure you choose wisely and find the perfect pair. Start at the high end, and work your way down the price latter, it will give you perspective on what a really great pair of skinny pants are supposed to look like, and how they are supposed to fit. Whether you choose cropped, ankle, or extra long length, fit is absolute key to working this ultra chic trend. 

If your intention is to wear your new zippered ankle pants with oxford blouses belted or tucked in, or with fitted tees, blazers and cardigans, you'll want a pant with more structure. A trouser style, such as the Ralph Lauren cropped pair on the right, are an ideal choice. It's best to choose a pair with invisible pockets or no pockets at all, in order to maintain the sleek, chic, classic leg line. Pair with heels, as seen here, or really borrow from Ms. Hepburn and slip on your old faithful ballet flats. Another timeless fashionista must-have.  

For a more affordable and similar pair try these Michael Kors at or visit your local Macy's department today

Wear zippers on your ankles to add an edge to fall dresses, over sized tees, sweaters, and tunics by slipping on a cozy pair of leggings. Sold at every price point, quality and weight are two key factors when shopping for leggings. The wrong length, width, or weight can take an outfit from outstanding to outdated in the blink of an eye.

The stretch should be comfortable and not cut or bunch in your joint or on your waist. They should never leave behind red marks on your skin. When pulled tight on the body, they should maintain their opacity, with no light passing through and no skin showing. 

Leggings are most flattering when the derriere is covered by the top half of the outfit, and the ankle is full length. With a stark, tight line in the middle of the calf or just below the knee, the leg is cut in an unflattering place. Let your leg shape be accentuated by the long silhouette of the curves of your thighs, knees and calves with a full length legging like these from Banana Republic. 

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