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A Transitioning to Natural Hair Care Story

Natural hairdo!
Natural hairdo!

Transitioning from chemically treated hair to wearing your hair natural doesn't have to be an overwhelming stressful event but there are frustrations in the process. Reading transitioning stories may give you tips and inspiration if you are contemplating or already began your transitioning to natural journey.

Ro’s Transitioning Journey:
Hi Rochelle (my godsister), I wanted to interview you as well about your transition. I love your creativity and versatility in styling.

Q: I would love for you to tell me how long have you been natural now?
Ro: About 4 years

Q: So what made you decide to go natural, meaning, free of relaxers, perms, etc?
Ro: It was actually by accident I invested in some extensions, wore it on and off for about a year, and I said if I could go a year with out a relaxer I can do another and another year. I also started to see my curl pattern and I liked it, and I was intrigued to see what my whole head would look like once all the relaxer was out.

Q: What was your initial transitioning decision, to chop or not to chop? Or growing out your hair while trimming away chemically-treated hair?
Ro: As I transitioned, I chopped all of my permed hair off 2 years ago.

Q: Have you been ridiculed or criticized for doing so?
Ro: I have the men in my family who don’t like it but I don’t pay them any mind.

Q: What methods or hair regimen you employ to maintain healthy transitioning?
Ro: I love wash and goes, twist outs, and my curly fro-ponytail.

Q: Do you know what type of hair texture you have? For example, 2b/2c (wavy curly/wavy whirly), 3a/3b/3c (curly twirly/curly spirally/curly kinky) or 4a/4b/4c (kinky-coily/kinky crimpy/kinky ziggly) or what combination (multiple textures).
Ro: From what I have researched I am a mixture of a 4a and 4b.

Q: What particular products do you use? Why?
Ro: A Lot!!!
Shampoo:Moisture Retention Shampoo by Shea Moisture.
Co-wash: Restorative Conditioner by Shea Moisture
Moisture Treatment: Deep Treatment Mask by Cantu
Protein Treatment: Alphogee 2 step protein treatment
Conditioner: Shea Butter Leave in Conditioner by Cantu, and Oils: A mixture of coconut, tea tree, virgin olive oil, and castor oil. Curl Control-Gel: Eco Gel (the pink one) to keep my curls in place less frizz or Curl Boosting Jelly by Curls Unleashed. Edge Control: Hicks edge control to help tame my stubborn edges

Q: Which style lasts the longest for your type of hair?
Ro: Nothing really lasts longer than 2 days. I have to wash my hair at least every 3 days or it will turn into a bird’s nest. I am not good at re-twisting my hair, and the only style I have learned to manifest is my curly fro-ponytail.

Q: What has/is most challenging during your transitioning experience?
Ro: trying to get used to the shrinkage and trying to blend my straight ends in with my curly hair.

Q: What natural hair styles do you like best?
Ro: 2 strand twist.

Q: Do you follow or visit any natural hair care sites, blogs, Vlogs or books? And have you received any transitioning advice from a hair care professional?
Ro: On Instagram, I follow @protectivestyles and @healthy_hair_journey. The only tip I have received is to do a protein treatment every 6 weeks and to keep my ends trimmed every 8 weeks.

Q: Finally, what advice would you give others who are contemplating becoming natural or just started their going natural journey?

Ro: Make sure it’s something you really want to do! It is time consuming and can be financially draining. These products are not cheap!!!!! It is not for the lazy or people that don’t have the time to deal with their hair so make sure you are ready to put in the work!!

About the interviewee:

Ro is the owner of "Chelle B. Beautiful-Skin & Beauty Traveling Spa"
Based in Maryland, USA. She specializes in bringing facials, body waxing, and makeup services to your chosen location. Her company offers not only private one on one services and:
Corporate Wellness Events
Girls Night Out Parties
Teen Parties
Little Princess Parties
Bachelorette Parties and much more...

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