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A transcendental ride with Rkind’s Joseph Weinsteiger

“We want people to know they aren’t alone,” said Joseph Weinsteiger of Rkind in a recent email interview. “Through artistic expression we can overcome anything. We humans are the masterful creators. We want to inspire creation.”

Live shots of Orlando band Rkind with guest bassist Stu Sauce
Live shots of Orlando band Rkind with guest bassist Stu Sauce
Kat Coffin
Orlando band Rkind
courtesy of Rkind

Rkind, Joseph Weinsteiger (vocals, rhythm guitar), Spliff (lead guitar) and new drummer Daniel Cooke, is an Orlando area band based in Apopka. The three piece band’s music is a colorful tapestry of rock music, full of free-flowing jams topped off with a psychedelic vibe and thought provoking lyrics. “I write the rhythm and lyrics then Spliff lays [down] his transcendent leads,” said Weinsteiger. “The chaotic beauty of life’s transcendental ride with its ups and downs and everything in between inspires our sound.”

When talking about his musical inspiration, Weinsteiger mentions such notable performers as Layne Staley, Shannon Hoon, Chris Cornell and Jim Morrison, but there was one man and one band that were an early inspiration for him. “Kurt Cobain was my biggest inspiration when I was younger,” he said. He credits Cobain’s band Nirvana as the reason he started playing guitar as well.

“Ever since I was thirteen I’ve been jamming with my friends,” said the singer/songwriter when talking about his musical background and his aspirations. “A good friend I used to play with died (Kyle Donahue). I vowed to not let our dream die with him.”

The description he uses when talking about his playing style covers the whole band and also explains the band’s name. “Our playing style is Rkind (our kind) hence the creation of our name.”

Rkind is currently at work on their first album. Music fans can check out the band’s music on Facebook and Reverbnation. They have several upcoming shows, February 9 at West End, February 22 at The Haven and February 28 at Orlando Brewing.

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