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A tour through the martial arts world: Mixed Martial Arts


What if you want to learn a discipline that takes from some of the more popular and well known arts, creating a hybrid that teaches you a variety of skills? There are plenty of arts in this category to choose from, but today we’ll look at Mixed Martial Arts--also known as MMA.

Many of you are probably familiar with Mixed Martial Arts. While the idea of combining techniques andTwo fighters sparring at American Fusion Martial Arts on Wicks styles from various arts has existed for centuries, the term Mixed Martial Arts only became popular in the 1990’s with the rise of Ultimate Fighting.

This art combines full contact elements, such as punching and kicking, with throwing and grappling techniques from sports like Judo and Brazilian Jujutsu. This well rounded fighting style is not only useful in the ring, but in everyday life as well.

Although some would say MMA is a brutal sport, it is relatively safe. Combatants are not allowed to head-butt, eye gouge, strike the throat, back of the neck or groin. Depending on the venue hosting the event, a win is counted when one fighter has gotten his opponent to submit, acquired a technical knockout or a full knockout.

If you don’t mind a little hard work and practical diversity in your training, then Mixed Martial Arts could very well be the sport for you.