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A tour of Eagle Eye Cemetery in Aguila AZ

The Eagle Eye watches over the Cemetery
The Eagle Eye watches over the Cemetery
Photo by Eagle Eye Cemetery in Aguila

Aguila, Arizona is a small settlement located about 27 miles west of Wickenburg along US Highway 60. On the eastern edge of the Harquahala Mountain Range, lies a small group of isolated mountains with the largest, Eagle Eye Peak (Pica del Aguila) is named for the large "Eagle Eye" or Arch near the top.
Aguila was a railroad stop for the nearby mines, ranches, and farms and was known for its stockyards near the train station.

Welcome to Eagle Eye Cemetery
Photo by Debe Branning

Eagle Eye Cemetery is located 3.5 miles south of US 60 off of Eagle Eye Road. It is a 10 acre cemetery in a charming setting of cacti, palo verde and mesquite trees. It sets at the foot of a large rocky hill covered with saguaros and overseen by the hole through the hillside that resembles at eagle’s head known as “Eagle Eye”
The ornate wrought iron entrance gate was created and installed by Leon Powell and Ernest Freeney. Arija Powell designed, and R. Leonard constructed the majestic arch crowned with an eagle.

The gravestones sit randomly among the rocks and bushes facing several directions. Whimsical pieces of antiques have been place throughout the cemetery grounds to give a bit of an old western flavor.

The cemetery was originally a boot hill cemetery for the town of Aguila where miners, railroad men and old cowboys were laid to rest. The earliest known graves were dug in the 1880’s. Julia Powell made it her lifelong project to purchase the land where the old boot hill was established (once the Eagle Eye Ranch and BLM land), maintain the grounds, and mark the established burial plots. Women like Bonnie Wilson, Wynona Muylert, Arija Powel, Jeannie Good and several others aim to keep Julia’s project alive. Only folks with local family ties and Agulia residency are allowed to be buried in Eagle Eye Cemetery.

The cemetery is full of haunting tales of drownings, executions, and illnesses. It also shares an aura of extreme dedication of Agulia pioneers who have taken pride in their cemetery to make it the showcase it is today.

Recently, members of the Pioneer's Cemetery Association of Phoenix took a tour of Eagle Eye Cemetery under the guidance of Arija Powell.

For more information on the PCA and learn how to join visit:

Arizona Haunted Places examiner: Debe Branning

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