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A touch of glamour for your head

Double poppy flowers with veiling headpiece
Double poppy flowers with veiling headpiece

Having been to many weddings in the past few years, I've noticed that the modern day bride is opting for a much shorter veil with some sort of head adornment piece attached to it. Many are removing the long, sometimes even cathedral length tulle veil for something much shorter and sweeter. Another reason that most brides are using shorter veils is because the longer ones tend to become very costly. I mean remember Celine Dion's veil? It was incredibly long and in my opinion, it seemed very gaudy and a bit over the top.

Some brides are even going the vintage route and using hats as an alternative to the veil. Such types of hats include the pillbox hat, the picture hat, and the cocktail hat. I'm such a huge fan of vintage pieces and I believe those hats are absolutely adorable and classy.

Other alternatives that I've seen are flowers, both real and silk, feathers, combs, pins, clips, tiaras and headbands.