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A TomTom for your wrist, don't get lost without it

An excellent hiker's tool.
An excellent hiker's tool.
Robert Painter

Do you hike frequently and sometimes go with others who take you to some really interesting places? Today you remember a hike that you did a few months ago and the weather is perfect, you have the time but your friend can't make it so you called another friend who wants to go along. That's great, but there is one little problem. You don't remember how to get to the trailhead and, once on the trail can't remember exactly where to go.

A hiker's best new friend
Robert Painter

What now? Call off the hike? Try to find someone else who has been there? Well, there is no longer a need to worry about those little problems. There is a very simple solution and you wear it on your wrist.

The Nike+ Sportwatch GPS will keep track of all the information you need to repeat your hikes on your own and all you have to do is turn it on and go. It will link up with a satellite and record not only your path, but will tell you instantly how far you have hiked, how fast you are walking, how many calories you have burned, what time is it right now and how much time has elapsed since you started the trek.

When you get home, just plug the convenient USB plug into your computer and it will download all the information you need so that the next time you want to do this hike just click on the date and there it is ready to be printed out if you want to carry it along.

If you're a runner it even keeps the record of how fast you have covered certain distances and congratulates you when you have set a new personal best. And, works fine for cyclists as well.

One important feature is, of course, the accuracy of the GPS system. I have hiked with people who got their mileage at the end of a hike based on some sort of pedometer setting and found the difference to be as much as one or two miles. The Sportwatch doesn't care how many steps you take or how long or short those steps are - it measures the distance you travel.

The Nike+ Sportwatch GPS also has a stopwatch and other features that I haven't even tried to use on mine so you'll need to look those up for yourself. It's a great little watch with a heavy duty rubberized band that is unobstrusive and very comfortable. So comfortable, in fact, that I have occasionally forgotten to either start recording at the beginning of my hike or turn it off at the end. So, just remember it does work great and it does provide lots of information . . . but you have to turn it on!

The tech world is constantly changing, but this watch should provide you with a few years of very useful information without becoming quickly obsolete. Strap it on your wrist, start walking, be healthy and . . . Keep on Traveling!