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A ‘Toilet Bowl’ marathon? Destination America flushes out Super Bowl fans

Seriously a "Toilet Bowl" marathon? Yes, Destination America is hoping that fans have a “flushing” good time with a marathon of the television show “King of Thrones.” Only on television can fans find hours of television programming showcasing how the bathroom remodeling can in must-see television. According to the Post-Gazette on Thursday, it is one of several off-beat Super Bowl type specials.

So what can viewers expect to see during this "Toilet Bowl" marathon? Renovating bathrooms around the country, the show will focus on tubs, sinks, tile and even the toilet. The “King of Thrones” might sound like a crazy title, but home designers love to find out how people put together their homes, even if it is all about the bathroom.

If watching bathrooms being put together isn’t the perfect show, consider the other options available. The “Puppy Bowl,” “Kitten Bowl” or “Fish Bowl” are also part of the Sunday television programming. Spoofing the real NFL game with cute and adorable animals (OK, except maybe the fish,) people will have a hard time deciding which to watch. Or, maybe programming the DVR is the best bet and watching the NFL game live is best.

Destination America’s "Toilet Bowl" marathon with the episodes of "King of Thrones" starts at noon and will go until 3 p.m.

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