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A toast to an icon: Shirely Temple and her namesake drink

A toast to an icon: Shirely Temple and her namesake drink
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The smiles of the world became a little dimmer today because one of the most iconic Hollywood stars has died. On Tuesday, January 11, 2014, Shirley Temple hopped upon the Good Ship Lollipop for her final journey and you can read her obituary and a wonderful look back on her life at the San Francisco Chronicle.

Shirley Temple epitomized the golden age of Hollywood. She was the biggest star of her time. Her popularity spanned eight decades. Mention the name "Shirley Temple" to any film fan and the first response is always a smile. She could sing. She could dance. She could act. In a word, she was an "entertainer!"

Even if you have never seen one of her films, the chances are you have celebrated her name. Why? Because one of the most famous drinks bears her name and was created especially for her... the famed Shirley Temple. According to lore, the Shirley Temple (a non-alcoholic) drink was created at the famed Hollywood restaurant called Chasen's sometime in the early 1930's.

So, what is an actual Shirley Temple? The original Shirley Temple consisted on a tall glass filled with ginger ale. A shot of grenadine was then added and then the drink was topped off with a maraschino cherry. In later years there was an adult version of a Shirley Temple created called a Shirley Temple Black (her married name). This drink contains ginger beer, dark (black) rum and a maraschino cherry.

In the coming days, when we look back on her wondrous life and the incredible legacy she leaves, take a few minutes and treat yourself to a memory of yore. Fix yourself a Shirley Temple and as you get ready to take a sip of your memories, toast a true Hollywood legend... Shirley Temple!

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