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A tip for the recurring military trend: look tough in studded boots


Rollover vintage leather boots

 Fashion trends have a way of repeating themselves, but every time a certain style comes back into popularity somehow it always manages to feel new again.

This spring, on the coat tails of winter fashion, military style is standing strong.  Black leather combat boots are the perfect fit for a tougher feeling look. The rollover studded combat boots, pictured at right, are an example of one cool way to have fun with this particular style. 

If you don't already own a pair of combat boots you can a pick up a real quality pair at Kaufman's West, a local military surplus store long toted as the most fascinating store in New Mexico.  If you've already got your combat boots there is plenty more military gear at Kaufman's just waiting for someone to make stylish again.

For information on how to add studs to your own boot visit Alyssa Zukas site for a DIY tutorial. 


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