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A time to think ahead

Do we have them put down?
Do we have them put down?
Do we put them in our Will?

We all love our pets as they are a part of our family. And as with all of us, our pet’s age as well; what is to happen to the pet left behind when a steward of that animal dies. Sometimes stewards make plans in advance, other times not so much, as this will mean thinking of our own death. Frequently when working in a medical setting with a person of advanced age; the only concern is for the pet which has been left at home when the EMS picked up the person to take them to the hospital. Pets are very intuitive and frequently will howl when left, this upsetting the steward even more.

What plans have each of us put in place for our pets? Will they go to a friend’s home or an adult child, will they be left to the community to manage or will they be left outside to make their way on their own. Each of us has the ability to voice the decision we want for these beautiful creatures. Our Will is a legal document which is in generalities or at least by the most financially valuable. However, there is another paper which is to discuss individual bequeaths for friends and family members. This attachment is preferably signed and dated. This paper is binding by law if mentioned in the Will. Now we can state our wishes for our pet and have those viewed without paying more money to have this known. Many times a lawyer will mention the attachment when discussing a particular piece of jewelry or book which has been promised to another.

A cautionary note is we should always discuss our intentions to name a specific individual as the steward for our pet at this point. All will rest much better if time is taken to discuss the care and concerns surrounding the life of this beautiful creature. Being sure that the person knows the health concerns of the pet are always very important and the place where medical care has been given in the past.