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A Time to Kiss: Signs that lean toward lip locking....

Much like a proposal (and her hopeful acceptance) has on the start of an engagement and eventual marriage, the first kiss has the same effect on making the move from friendship to relationship. This connotation that kissing often carries, can create nervousness and hesitation in men when wanting to merge their mouths with the woman they’re crushing on. Here are hints that hint to her wanting more than just hugs on your next date.


I.FACE FINDING: Much more than you think is communicated through the motions and movements of her facial features. Softly structured smiles, eager eyes, and even animated motions of her lips are all arrows that indicate her intention and expectation for you to meet her mouth in the middle..


II.PHYSICAL FLIRTING: Aside from the occasional hug, most other forms of flirtation foster thoughts that she’s fixing to find your lips fixed to hers. Of the flirting family, hand holding and caressing of your face with her fingers are the two red herrings that she’s striving for smooching by using these actions.


III.MOUTH MAINTENANCE: When a woman monitors the conditions of her mouth obsessively during a date, there could be significant make out meaning meshed in this. Chapstick compulsion, gorging through a pack of gum in an hour’s time, and tedious toothpicking can take the idea that she’s expecting your oral company.

Even though females act more forward with their intentions than in the past, failing to find the significance of these signals could cancel out any chances of a courtship with your crush. Asking her for that first kiss can seal more than just each other’s lips. It can also close on the relationship goal of your rendez vous with the woman of your dreams.



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