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A time to chat and a time to pray

The Birmingham Oratory
The Birmingham Oratory
(Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

A frequent lament from members of all generations centers on the Church and how we express ourselves during the Mass. Remembering first and foremost that the Mass is all about Christ and His sacrifice for us, let us consider some points of “Church etiquette”:

The soaring spaces of many Catholic churches and cathedrals are most definitely awe inspiring. The presence of God is so powerful that even tourists move about quietly on tours speaking in muted tones. In our parish churches God is just as present and yet, there is often a cacophony of chatter before, during and after the Mass. There is definitely a time to chat – in the community rooms – and a time to pray – in the church. Parents please do not hesitate to encourage your children to be quiet in the church, but please save the catechism lecture for a time outside of Mass.

Cell phones, along with mp3 players and smart phones, are very necessary in today’s world of technology and instant communication. But, God hears us without the use of a phone. Please turn off your phone or leave it in the car during Mass, even if you have a devotional reading “app.” Consider the many gifts that God has given you. In turn, give Him the gift of your complete attention. Don’t worry the text messages and voice mail will be available immediately following Mass.

The Church is truly a community of and for the faithful. We all have different needs and different ways of expressing our Catholic faith. With just a little concern for each other and respect for the tradition of quiet peacefulness before, during and after Mass, we can worship God and strengthen our community.

The Columbus Catholic Connection: Are you looking for a parish or a mass time? Just visit the Roman Catholic Diocese of Columbus website.


  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Are you saying that it is inappropriate to use any smartphone / similar device for any reason, even if it is being used as a tool for devotional reading (the iBreviary app for example) in the church prior to the Mass?

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