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A "Time Out" for friends

Time Out can be time well spent.
Time Out can be time well spent.

Every so often even the best of friends hit a bump in the road.  Sometimes these bumps are nothing more than the two of you traveling on a different wave length for a period of time.   Other times they may be sparked by a difference of opinion or a fork in the road taking you into different, conflicting directions. 

Whatever the reason, a "Time Out" may be a necessary break needed to evaluate your friendship.  Especially if you can't put your finger on the problem, yet you sense a shift in the relationship.  If you are the only one feeling this lack of connection, forcing a resolution to a problem that is indefinable may only cause additional conflict. 

Think of the friendship as getting over-saturated.  Too much time with anyone can lead to a feeling of suffocation or a loss of your own identity.  It's okay to take a break and regroup.  Find yourself again and enjoy some solitude or time with other friends.  Take in a movie at the Regal or go for a stroll on the beach for some personal reflection.

As time goes by, with your real and true friends, your paths will once again merge.  You'll come back to that place where you left off as refreshed and more attentive friends.  This will enable the both of you to thoroughly enjoy one another's company once again.

Also, know that there is a chance that your paths may never fully reconnect.  Not all friendships last a lifetime.  Sometimes a relationship simply has run its course.  Growing apart doesn't diminish what the friendship meant, it simply means it's time to move on and continue on the journey you have set.

That said, "Time Outs" can be as short as days or as long as years and do not mean the end of all communication.  A meaningful hug in passing, or an occasional phone call will always keep this person in your life, no matter the path that you follow.  Whether the friendship rekindles or stays at arms length the "Time Out" is an opportunity to define or redefine your relationship. 

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