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A time for giving


Get together with family and friends
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November is a busy time, it’s a time when people are traveling and having family gatherings. It’s also close to one of the busiest shopping days of the year, black Friday. We all know that black Friday is the best day to go shopping and get great bargains. Picking up one toy, for Toys for Tots is a great way to help out children in need. This is a great time to give back to the community.
I know that in this economy you might be asking how? With many of us in need, think about what a wonderful thing to teach our young children about “giving back.” This teaches them about community and how good it feels when we help others.

Many local school’s have food drives around this time to gather foods for organizations like the Salvation Army or other organizations that might need it. If your child's school is having a food drive you can send them in with canned items that can go a long way for a family who doesn't have much.

If your child school isn't having a food drive and you still would like to help out and you are not sure how to donate food items, you can go to WMUR online. WMUR has a list of places that are organizing these drives. If you are in need of help during the holiday season you can find a local food bank below at the website New Hampshire Food Bank.

If you have friends that don't have a place to go for Thanksgiving, think about having a pot luck and have everyone bring something. You can have all of the fixings in half the cost if everyone pitched in.

This is a great time to gather with friends and family and bring variety to the table. Even though times are a struggle for everyone, let's look in our hearts and help out and bring joy to ourselves and to others.

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