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A Tibetan prisoner may have been tortured with injections

Goshul Lobsang on his bed, weeks before his death
Goshul Lobsang on his bed, weeks before his death
/TCHRD file/Reproduced with permission from

The situation in Tibet remains troubling today. has reported on April 2, 2014 the Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD) has alleged Chinese prison authorities may have used injections which are designed to cause and exacerbate pain on a Tibetan prisoner who has since died of injury which was the result of torture in detention. Goshul Lobsang, who was released on parole allegedly for fear that he would die in custody, died at his home in Gyutsa Village in Bhelpan Township in Machu County recently.

TCHRD has released a statement saying, “For about 5 months he was subjected to severe torture including pain-inducing injections, and deprived of sleep and food by the interrogation officers in Machu County.” A source has also said Chinese officers used sharp-pointed objects such as toothpicks to pierce and penetrate into the tops of his finger nails and cuticles. This lead to severe bleeding, swelling and pain.

It has been said by exiled Tibetan sources that the use of torture methods to increase pain has been consistent with other Chinese torture tactics. TCHRD says the use of pain-inducing injections to facilitate and to expedite the torture of Lobsang not only violates international law but is also a violation of medical ethics. It has been said this type of torture occurs with the active and implied consent of Chinese medical professionals.

This is all very sad and reminds us all of how Adolf Hitler and the Nazis worked with medical doctors to torture and murder his enemies and of how in this era the US courts, states and and branches of the US federal government have been endorsing the enslavement, torture and murder of dissidents by psychiatrists and other medical doctors who work with them.