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A Tibetan man has been tortured to death in prison


Daily reports continue to come out of Tibet of the horrors of living under repressive Chinese rule. The Chinese government insists these reports are not true and that the situation in Tibet has been improved by China. Nevertheless, a Tibetan man has been tortured to death while in custody of the Chinese government, reports on Feb. 7, 2014.

A Tibetan protester who was arrested last year in an anti-mining protest in Tibet's Driru County is reported to have been tortured to death in Chinese police custody in Driru County of Nagchu prefecture, Tibet Autonomous Region. Sources say 20 year old Kunchok Dhakpa from Chana town in Driru was detained last year with allegations that he lead a large protest against Chinese mining activities at the sacred Naglha Dzamba Mountain in Driru County.

A Tibetan from Driru who is now living in Europe says Dhakpa was subjected to torture and later died from injuries which he sustained from being tortured in prison. Back in May 2013 about 5000 Tibetans held protests against a Chinese mining company which was making preparations to build roads and set up power lines at the sacred mountain. Several Tibetans were sentenced to varying prison terms on charges of instigating an anti-mining protest at Ngalha Dzambha Mountain. The fate of Dhakpa serves as a chilling reminder to Tibetans and their friends worldwide that the Chinese authorities have little tolerance for protests.

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