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A thousand ways to forget the Lord--and one surefire way to remember

Remember His Crossborne Love!
Remember His Crossborne Love! The Light of Christ on Facebook

There are a thousand ways to forget the Lord everyday.

One is to let our responsibilities immerse us in anxiety. Whether getting to work on time, or meeting sales goals, or trying to juggle our professional lives with our homebound responsibilities, it is easy to forget to slow down for just one minute and renew our remembrance of God's ever present Love.

Another way to forget is to fall into the trap of immersing ourselves into other peoples lives to the point of losing our priorities--in letting God guide all of our personal relationships. Work, school, and even church ministry can become a snare in budding new relationships that absorb us to the point of forgetting the Source of all our Love in Jesus.

Though we wouldn't like to admit it, we forget Jesus when we are self-absorbed in our favorite vices. When we lust we have no room for Jesus. When we feel envy or jealousy we have no room for the Holy Spirit. When we are overly and aggressively competitive we have no desire to do the Will of the Father. And when we are greedy or petty we are not relying on God's grace, but are willing pawns for the 'father of lies,' the devil.

Finally, not all forgetfulness of Jesus is dark and evil. Sometimes we are just plain worn out and a bit slothful. Sometimes we are just a bit immature and distracted--maybe a bit bored.

But there is one surefire way to remember Jesus. All we must do is remember our sinfulness, and remember the Cross of Christ! God never tires of us; God never forgets us; God is never overwhelmed; God, moreover, forgives us for being imperfect, being inconsistent, being fickle; being forgetful.

Repentance--based on good old fashioned honesty--always wins us back to God. For God is never really lost--we're just forgetful.