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A thought-provoking thriller

The Atheist

When it comes to believing in God and his angels, different people have different opinions. Some believe that what we do in this world and how we oppose evil is our responsibility alone, while others believe that sometimes God intervenes and helps us make the right decisions, or protects us from those who want to hurt us. But, what if God had a secret agency that helped him keep the world in balance? And what if that agency acted just like the FBI or the CIA and intervened in extreme situations? Sarah Ettritch’s novel, ‘The Atheist’, starts from this premise and develops into an exciting thriller that keeps the readers on the edge of their seats while challenging them with thought-provoking ideas and questions.

‘The Atheist’ is the first book in ‘The Deiform Fellowship’, and it follows Jillian Campbell as she discovers she is a Deiform, and agent of God, whose mission is to protect the world against the evil forces. The problem is that Jillian is an atheist. A tragic event from her past determined her to lose her faith and shield herself from the world in an attempt to avoid getting hurt again. She is not very good with people, and she prefers to stay isolated, so a job as an agent who goes out there and protects humans from dark things that threaten them is not exactly what she has dreamed of. However, when the local pastor is killed and she is accused of his murder, Jillian understands that the only way to clear her name is to allow the Deiforms to help her and then join their cause.

This is more than a thriller with a fast-paced action, a complex plot, and enough twists and turns to keep the readers guessing. Sarah Ettritch managed to create a believable character that develops in a very realistic way. Readers will find it easy to relate to Jillian and understand her fears and insecurities. It’s never easy to change your whole perspective on life, the world, good and evil, and divinity, especially. In order to become a good agent, Jillian will have to work with herself and accept things that she always tried to avoid. The inner struggle she is going through turns the novel into a journey of self-discovery that will challenge readers to ask themselves questions about their own beliefs and their own world view.

‘The Atheist’ is such an exciting read that readers will immediately want to grab the next book in the series, ‘The Cult’.

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