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A thought-provoking fantasy-science fiction novel

I, Human

Technology is a major part of our lives: we spend hours on a daily basis using our laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other such gadgets, but there is a much more exciting branch of technology-related research, and that is robotics. Given the rapid technological progress that we have witnessed over the past decades, anything seems possible. Various fields, such as mathematics, physics, and engineering, have contributed to creating a significant change in the way in which we perceive reality and humanity.

Vito Veii drew inspiration from this change and wrote an original, thought-provoking novel entitled 'I, Human'. This fantasy science-fiction book opens a series of stories which are narrated from Marcus Magnusson’s point of view. He is the captain of a ship on which an android and his companions have embarked. 'I, Human' is bound to appeal to all fans of the genre, but its aim is more than just to entertain. Using Magnusson’s voice, Vito Veii raises a few thought-provoking questions about our future as human-beings. The author skillfully depicted how androids might function years from now and what robotic technologies might 'animate' them.

'I, Human' determines the reader to ponder upon questions such as 'What would the world be like in a future where androids seemed human?', 'What if androids behaved, looked, and thought exactly like a human-being?', 'What if they had feelings?' Would we still perceive them as pieces of intricate machinery or would we be forced to change our worldview? As it has already been said in the above-paragraphs, technology has developed a lot in a relatively short period of time, so it is easy for us to imagine future generations whose lives rely heavily on the use of technology and on the help of androids. In the light of this reasoning, Vito Veii’s questions are more than just science-fiction musings.

All fans of the science-fiction genre who also have a taste for philosophical reasoning should read Vito Veii’s 'I, Human'. It is an original, well-written novel that will make for an engaging read. Luckily for the readers’ community, more books are to be published in this series.

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