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A third resident returns from the grave in the third episode of 'Resurrection'

The mystery deepened Sunday, March 23, 2014 when the third episode of "Resurrection" aired on ABC. The episode was filled with twists and turns.... once again providing few answers and bringing even more questions to the table for viewers.

Maggie and Bellamy examine Jacob's remains
Maggie and Bellamy examine Jacob's remains
The third episode of 'Resurrection' posed as many questions as it answered

Maggie (Devin Kelley) and Bellamy (Omar Epps) peered into the casket to find.... Jacob's remains. As odd as it seems, the Jacob (Landon Gimenez) viewers know in the "here and now" is a carbon copy of the Jacob interred in the tomb over 30 years ago. A confused Henry Langston (Kurtwood Smith) was unsure what to think about the fact that exhuming his son's remains failed to reveal any further pertinent information about the "true identity" of the present Jacob. Henry finally spoke honestly to his wife, admitting that he had yet to make peace with losing his son years ago, and that seeing Jacob back now was difficult on the man. Sadly, it's not just Henry feeling this way. The church is experiencing issues with accepting Jacob and has decided, for now, to ban the boy and his mother from all services.

Speaking of issues, Ray (Travis Young) is having difficulty accepting his father's return and things with Caleb have gone from bad to worse. Ray revealed his theory about the man's return: he believes Caleb (Sam Hazeldine) is an alien as there was a crash in the area roughly the same time as Caleb's return. Only time will tell, though, if Bellamy will put two and two together and discover that Dale Getheard (Jason Saucier) was bludgeoned to death by Caleb as Bellamy discovered Getheard's corpse at episode's end.

Getheard's corpse was not the only surprise find of the night. The final surprise was the return of yet another Arcadia resident, and someone very close to the good pastor Hale (Mark Hildreth.) Though her identity has yet to be revealed, she appears to be an old flame.

So what do you think of the series? Did you enjoy this episode? How do you think the mysterious resurrections will be explained?

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