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A third of the US population are out of work, why this is a success

Poverty: The good old days
Poverty: The good old days
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The president gave a speech to call on congress to give those who are unemployed an extension of their benefits because they are unable to find work over a long period of time and for some time to come. Some of the unemployed were situated behind Obama, which is how things are done, as he spoke about their hardship and how it was the Republicans who were making their life miserable.

Its a great trick. Enact policies that not only do not create jobs but allow people to be out of work for an extended period of time and then use those people as a tool to blame the opposition for the situation they found themselves in. You would think this is part of a plan: talk down on capitalism and hurt it as much as possible and when things get bad for people say "I told you so" and fight to keep people dependent as a means of popularity.

Obama hasn't failed. This is a success story. From the Hartford Courant one of Obama's props is a women from Connecticut and Obama uses the sorry sap to bring the point home:

On Tuesday, she spoke in Washington about skimping on heating oil purchases, and said that it was hard for her when one of her two sons served a year in Afghanistan. Both of her children are active-duty military.

Said Obama later, "When we've got the mom of two of our troops who is working hard out there but is having to wear a coat inside the house, we've got a problem."

To a normal thinking person the problem is she can't find a job. But that's not the "problem" Obama is talking about which ought to be his problem too. The problem he's talking about is that she's running out of time and her unemployment benefits are going to end. So congress has to act to extend it for her and "millions of other Americans" because millions of other Americans are out of work too.

And how many millions? 92 million out of a population of 310. That represents a third of the population out of a job. We have to suspect that Obama is delighted to some degree that there are so many people on the street in order for his latest campaign to be successful. Now you may be asking why is unemployment at 6.9% and the reason is that figure is a percent of the people who are looking for work which means nearly 22% of the population has given up. In December only 72,000 people in the whole country found work. This is an incredibly bad state of affairs.

So what is the Obama plan? Well his latest pet issue is not only unemployment compensation but economic "inequality" which means that some people have more money than others. Money is everything to the left, they seem to think it defines us. More people have fallen into poverty now than any other time save for perhaps the Depression. This exacerbates the income divide and brings home his tired old left wing point about the evils of capitalism and "the rich". It's dream world stuff.

Earlier I stated that a miserable economy is the ideal situation for the left because a growing economy with incomes rising gives little reason for anyone to have their anti-capitalist redistribution agenda around. The bigger the underclass the larger their constituency. They've created the ideal situation for themselves and the solution now is not to have an economy that lifts people up but to bring those who are up, down, and thus make us more "equal". This is a deplorable ideology with an equally deplorable president putting it all into fruition .

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