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A Texas Springtime Tradition

Texas' natural beauty
Texas' natural beauty
Melissa Sue Photography

Every year during mid-March to the end of May families gather around the wildflowers of Texas, specifically the Texas Bluebonnet.  These amazing wildflowers grow along the highways, in fields, and in other odd areas of the state.  They are well known for their amazing bluish purple color, but has also been seen as albino and pink, both fairly rare.  Texas A&M has a project in the creation of maroon bonnets, and it seems to be doing well for them; they are beautiful.

It has been thought that Lady Bird Johnson had once influenced the Texas Government with the spreading of seeds along the highways of Texas.  Whether this is true or not, it seems only appropriate to have the state flower blooming along side the highways and roads while the many commuters travel around them everyday; they may even be a natural mood booster.

Texas Department of Transportation usually will not cut these beautiful wildflowers down until they die or it gets too hot for them to survive.  Their website also gives a list of where you may find great picture perfect bluebonnets.  So, don't wait too long to get your family picture or perfect pet portrait in the Texas Bluebonnets, they don't last forever.  Please be safe when pulling off the highways; I would recommend you do your best not to do this along the busiest of highways. As always be safe and enjoy Texas' natural beauty that surrounds you.