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A Teenaged Kid, A Cell Phone and A Really Sick Dog

Clyde is now happily adopted by a wonderful family. DJ's family dog, Trixie is pictured lower left.
Clyde is now happily adopted by a wonderful family. DJ's family dog, Trixie is pictured lower left.
Im-Paws-Able Dog Rescue, Inc.

Trixie’s family lives in a modest home in Mechanicsburg, PA. They adopted a dog, Quinn, from Im-Paws-Able Dog Rescue a while back. Their son DJ works tirelessly volunteering with the rescue. DJ is at every event, setting up and breaking down the displays, walking around selling tickets to benefit the rescue, doing basically anything he is asked to do to help. DJ also entertains and works to help train the rescue dogs as well as helping to clean up after the dogs frequently. Although still a teen, he is a wonderful person who displays empathy beyond his years.

Recently, DJ’s other family dog Trixie suddenly became ill. After witnessing Trixie’s sickness overtake her very quickly, DJ’s Dad and Stepmom knew they had no choice except to get Trixie to a vet or else Trixie may not make it. After days at the vet Trixie’s vet bill snowballed to an amount that almost reached $2,000 (over $2,000 with the $500 loan they had to take at a high interest rate). As Trixie was beginning to show signs of progress, the family finally got to take their girl home to recover, The vet never really gave a prognosis, but they knew she was slowly getting better. This was a few days ago and thank goodness, Trixie is still progressing well.

DJ’s Dad has recently been declared permanently disabled and his Stepmom has a minimum wage job that she works in every effort to help this family get by. Trixie’s huge vet bill has devastated them financially. While many families would have considered euthanizing Trixie, foregoing advanced care, or placing her elsewhere, this family never missed a beat, advocating for Trixie through thick and thin! NOW, here is the part that will make you want to grab your wallets and dish out a few bucks or more-- for weeks DJ had been saving for a prepaid cell card, so he could get a cell phone like all his other friends. When this disaster hit his family, DJ immediately gave every cent he saved for his phone to his father to help with Trixie’s bill. This simple, but selfless act touched our hearts, as we all know how important having a phone was to DJ.

Last time I saw DJ he told me how badly he would like to become a teacher. I sure hope he follows his dream as he is such a special person. I think if DJ gets to work at the profession he aspires to, it would be such a benefit for any child who would be lucky enough to sit in his classroom. DJ would be able to share something that is sometimes so rare nowadays, not just knowledge of History or English or Math, but how a human heart can be so selfless and kind.

If you’d like to sacrifice a little and donate to help DJ’s family pay off Trixie’s vet bill, please go to The You Caring Page set up for Trixie and do so.