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‘A Taste of Wilton’ brings out crowds despite clouds

The Painted Cooked
The Painted Cooked

An interested crowd of Wilton food fans gathered on the Wilton green to taste test food from quite of few local restaurants and vendors last night, sponsored by the Wilton Chamber of Commerce.

Bruschetta from Wilton Pizza

We started at the Painted Cookie display of their delicious little cookies decorated as Wilton 2014 graduation mortarboards, and then sampled Sweet Pierre’s fresh chocolate bonbons.

Dessert out of the way, we sampled the freshly made Bruschetta from Wilton Pizza and Toozy Patza Pizza. Marley’s provided samples of their Watermelon Gazpacho, and little miniature hamburgers. Thankfully, they were also providing samples of Belgian Palm Beer.

The Village Market was featuring samples from their catering operation, including fancy cookies, Lemon Shrimp, and Lettuce Wrapped Filet.

Meanwhile, we stopped at Portofino’s table where samples of 3 types of pizza were given out, along with a tasty Rigatoni.

Chef Sandra Morrone from Luca had prepared a Chicken pasta dish along with a Pancetta Rigatoni, and Bianco Rosso was handing out a great mixed Seafood Salad and another take on Gazpacho.

Sweet Sabrina’s Cake Shop (from Norwalk) was giving out some elegant little strawberry and chocolate cupcakes, and Bistro 7 was providing tastes of their own home grown organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Not to be outdone, The Little Pub had prepared Bruschetta with onion and bacon marmalade, spread over a garlic goat cheese. They noted that this marmalade was served on several of their hamburger combinations.

Not to be outdone, the Fleur de Lis Academy put together a series of "cocktails" made out of selections of miniature candies, including a Chocolat-tini and a Fish and Chip Fizz.

Finally, Stop and Shop had partnered with Boar’s Head to give out their eponymous hot dogs as well as a series of bottle aloe drinks that we found unexpected to say the least.

Overall, this was an excellent event, well planned and execute, thanks to the Chamber, and with great thanks to all of the restaurateurs who put together such an excellent tasting event.

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