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A Taste of Tequila and Paradise just off the Beaten Path

Bar Abilene: Texas Margarita Grill. LOCATED: Uptown; 1300 Lagoon Ave. So. (tel. 612-825-2525); on Lagoon at Fremont (next to the Lagoon Theater).

     Do you like tequila? Do you really like tequila? If yes, then Bar Abilene is for you. Are you wondering where to go when you get off work? Do you like the smooth buzz of social interaction removed from the frat-bar scene where forced come-ons project all the intelligence of a monkey watching football? Then Bar Abilene is the place. Do you like the idea of an electric atmosphere in a classy environment just slightly off the well-traveled trail? Then Bar Abilene... well, you get the idea.
     With the philosophy that a penchant for good tequila, a small menu of "really good food," and a Southwest feel all lead to good times, Bar Abilene hits the mark. Perhaps Uptown's best first-stop-of-the-evening, Bar Abilene is often busy while many other Uptown area haunts find themselves anxiously waiting for the night to begin. And while their relatively small bar fills early, it usually remains active even on days when the rest of our town finds itself in a funk.
     Did we mention tequila? Well, Bar Abilene has built their bar-experience philosophy squarely on the spirit of this potent south-of-the-border treat. Their drink menu reflects this by informatively describing the differences between Tequila Blanco, Reposado and Anejo before presenting innumerable choices, mixtures, and concoctions using this uniquely Mexican beverage. Distilled from the essence of the Blue Agave plant, tequila holds a very unique place in our alcohol-induced experience, and the high-spirited levity of the "buzz" is reflected in the upbeat mood that pervades the chatter and movement inside Bar Abilene when it's scene is in full swing.
     So, whether you're looking for a taste of something different than "beer and booze"; consider yourself a connoisseur of the "taste of the Agave"; or were wondering where all those classy "bods" walking down the street are heading, head on south to this casa. There you'll find Bar Abilene... and a taste of the Southwest in the midwest of Uptown.


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