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A Taste Of Mayhem: The Panoramic, King 810 and Erimha

DENVER—The Panoramic, King 810 and Erimha were the first three opening acts of Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival’s A Taste Of Mayhem, on July 13. Islander, Wretched, Upon A Burning Body, Veil Of Maya, Darkest Hour, Ill Nino, Mushroomhead, Emmure and Miss May I were also the opening acts. Texas Hippie Coalition was the direct support and Cannibal Corpse was the headlining act.

A Taste Of Mayhem:  The Panoramic, King 810 and Erimha.
Sean Beeman
A Taste Of Mayhem:  The Panoramic, King 810 and Erimha
Sean Beeman

Jason Sykes is the drummer, AJ Garner is the guitarist, Josh Barrett is the bassist and Stefan Lopez is the vocalist of The Panoramic. Barrett assists with backup vocals.

After completing The Panoramic’s first song, Lopez spoke of how he and his band won the battle of the bands to be the local act to be the opener of the first day of the festival. As they began the second song, Barrett assisted him with backup vocals. After the second song came to an end, Lopez thanked the crowd and introduced the band to the audience. Afterwards, Sykes and Barrett accompanied each other to start the third song. The majority of the fans clapped their hands above their heads, to end their set.

David Gunn is the vocalist, Eugene Gill is the bassist, Jason Hale is the lead guitarist, Andrew Beal is the rhythm guitarist, Andrew Workman is the drummer of King 810.

Before King 810 took to the stage, the house lights faded to black. Sirens, voices of news anchors and frequency changes echoed throughout the venue. “Murdertown” was heard every so often, as strobe lights from center stage flickered into the audience. Guitar riffs were soon heard, Workman struck his cymbals and they began their recital with “Killem All”. Gunn soon provided vocals and Gill brought in his bass line grooves, as he did so. “Fat Around The Heart” ended King 810’s 30 minute concert.

Gore is vocalist, Kthien is the guitarist, Leather King is bassist and backup vocalist and Ksaos is the drummer of Erimha.

Gore, Kthien and King started their performance by head-banging simultaneously, as Ksaos focused on the drumming. After completing the first song, Gore encouraged everyone to make some noise. He went onto say how great it was to be back in Colo. and mentioned they were from Montreal. He encouraged everyone to purchase merchandise to keep all of the musicians on the road. After wrapping up their showcase—he thanked the crowd, dropped the microphone and walked off the stage.

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